What To Do When You're Struggling: 15 Ways to Manage Stress and All the Things

How are you feeling, friend? Truly, deeply feeling? I feel like we need to catch up. Soul to soul. Whether it’s stress or anxiety, physical debilitation or loss, ALL of us are dealing with something. We all struggle. And life is so good, but it can also be hard. So, maybe, as we look for a starting point to keep putting one foot in front of another, we can do it together. What do you say? Continue reading What To Do When You're Struggling: 15 Ways to Manage Stress and All the Things

The Number One Mindset Trap When It Comes To Romance

Many women have maddeningly expressed to me (with regard to their significant other): “I want him to want to… I don’t want to him to do it because he feels like he has to.” Men, on the other hand, often declare (with some warranted exasperation): “How will I know what she wants if she doesn’t tell me?” Or, “I can’t read her mind.” And they both make a great point! But I have a new definition of romance for you that is going to blow your mind… Continue reading The Number One Mindset Trap When It Comes To Romance

Remember to Say “Thank You”

This Thanksgiving, my son swallowed a penny… And that is how, over the course of just a few hours, more than 10 people improved a difficult situation by being willing to show up and show compassion, even if they didn’t get the day off. The question I want to pose to you today is: who are the 10+ people making a difference in your story? And have you thanked them? Continue reading Remember to Say “Thank You”

Monday Mention: Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Does anyone else remember Colbie Caillat? She was my jam in high school ♫♪. And so when I saw she was being interviewed on Cathy Heller’s podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, I had to listen. It’s not a podcast I usually frequent, but I’m converted — because just two weeks later there was an incredible interview for entrepreneurs from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran! And, fun fact for you guys: that’s my favorite TV show. Today, I share 3 of my personal takeaways from each of these interviews with you, and link you up for the full scoop. Continue reading Monday Mention: Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Affirmations for Intentional Living

Less than one month left of 2019! I’ve been thinking a lot about the year of purposeful growth and hard work it has been — dealing with all of my baggage and how it affects the people I love. There are so many sayings that got me through difficult days, or helped me with my goal of intention, and I wanted to give you this piece of my heart. As you reflect, I hope these words will help you feel empowered, encouraged, capable, and loved. Continue reading Affirmations for Intentional Living

Wednesday Walk Along: Sunshine Blogger Award

Today I want to thank Dawn of Drawing Closer to Christ for nominating me to receive a Sunshine Blogger Award! I am sorry I’m so late to the game, Dawn. If you haven’t met or been inspired by Dawn yet, you have only to visit her blog and you will see what a truly faithful encourager she truly is. Due to timing, I won’t be able to pass this tag on today, but I wanted to honor Dawn and answer her questions for my walk-along today. Continue reading Wednesday Walk Along: Sunshine Blogger Award

Seven Secrets To A Lasting Friendship

Joe and I recently had a conversation with a close friend of mine, who was curious to know if we had any thoughts on maintaining friendships through the various transitions/stages of life — particularly, how can single friends stay close together, even after one of them gets married? Between the three of us, we ended up with the following ideas, which, ultimately, apply to most friendships, because the real question is: What makes a good friendship last? Continue reading Seven Secrets To A Lasting Friendship