Barnabas Award

Today I want to thank Beverley of Becoming the Oil and the Wine, Matthew of jesusluvsall, and Pene’ of Pene’ Pasta for the Soul for nominating me to receive the Barnabas Award for Blogging Encouragement Recognition. Wow! I so look up to each of you for the way you speak honestly and from the heart, with faith throughout difficult circumstances, and love for others. I always hope others read my blog and walk away with the same feeling of encouragement, and I am honored you thought of me. Continue reading Barnabas Award

Wednesday Walk Along: 🍂 October|“What Kind of Pumpkin Are You?” Tag

I want to thank my friends at jesusluvsall and Herry Chic Counsels for tagging me to participate in the October “What Kind of Pumpkin Are You?” Tag. I had a lot of fun reading their answers as well, so please head on over there if you missed it ❤ . I also want to tag anyone reading this who would like to participate and hasn't yet. October is slowly waning to a close! Continue reading Wednesday Walk Along: 🍂 October|“What Kind of Pumpkin Are You?” Tag

Monday Mention: Joy Cottage and Curating Thoughts

I want to thank Jacquie of Joy Cottage, and Pallavi of Curating Thoughts, for recommending me for another Sunshine Blogger Award! I sincerely appreciating your thinking of me. As I recently participated in one of these, I wanted to do things a bit differently today, and simply give a special shout-out to Jacquie and Pallavi, as well as answer their questions for me. Continue reading Monday Mention: Joy Cottage and Curating Thoughts


What is #ShareYourPassion? Per the originator ( “Passions give our lives purpose, motivating us to pursue those things that make our souls sing and hearts skip a beat: they’re looking glasses into the unique gifts God has given each of us to fulfill our roles in His kingdom. These should not be hidden from the world or modified to suit its preferences, but rather, unashamedly shared and used to be lights, both in our own lives and those of others.” Today I share some of my passions with you, and I’d love to know yours! Continue reading #ShareYourPassion