Our Story

You are the only you God made… and [He doesn’t] make mistakes.

Max Lucado

Owning Your Divine Identity

I recently experienced a midlife crisis. Is that possible in your twenties? After my son was born, I faced the overwhelming realization that I had forgotten who I was. I asked myself questions like:

  • Where do I find meaning?
  • What can I contribute as a fellow human being on this earth?
  • What brings me the most joy?
  • How can I develop more resiliency?
  • What do I honestly believe?

I took a break from social media, from blogging, and, as much as possible, from external validation (I’m still working on that one). I spent time talking with the people that I trust, with a qualified professional, and with my God.

Eventually, I learned that progress isn’t about perfection; it’s about owning your identity with grace and intention (which is in itself a work in progress).

And, honestly, I don’t have all of the answers. But the more Joe and I learn, the more we want to share this road with the people who walk alongside us.

We hope to expand our horizons, make friends, and support you as you answer some of life’s most important questions for yourself.

Besides that, writing and connecting with you always helps me think more clearly.

So, by way of introduction, here are a few things I’ve found dear to my soul so far, and a little of what you can expect to read about here on our family page should you decide to join us on the journey.

I love my faith.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a Christian— though some might disagree, and that’s okay. Faith holds too much of my heart to edit it out, but I don’t expect everyone to see things the way that I do.

We all have something to share, a unique perspective, and we all carry a piece of a greater puzzle. I love that collaboration, and, more importantly, I respect your right to believe and live as you will. I hope for the same in return.

I love my family.

Photo credit: @katievandykephoto

Joe and I married in 2013. He is a fantastic dad, cook, teacher, trail runner, and an overall amazing human who I am blessed to know. Our daughter and son came along, and every day since is an adventure.

I feel so grateful for the ordinary moments God gives me with the extraordinary people in my life, and, if I could leave one legacy behind, I would want my husband and my kids to know that I love them, without a doubt.

♪ These are a few of my favorite things. ♫ ♪

If I could name a few things I most enjoy whenever I find time for myself, they would be running, making music, listening to a good podcast, and, let’s just say my love language is chocolate.

…and that’s us.

You should see a new Identity Journey post each Saturday, with resource recommendations every Monday (Monday Mentions), and a glimpse into our family life every Wednesday (Wednesday Walk Alongs).

So stay tuned, and let us know when you relate.

Here’s to walking together!

❤ Jenny