The Importance of Small Wins

I’ve been thinking about the importance of small wins, lately — breathing, waking up with the sun, watching it set… One of the difficult things about survival mode is: it can make you feel as if you aren’t accomplishing anything. You put all of your energy into making it through the day, but when your head finally hits that pillow, you always seem to be two steps behind. But, maybe you’re accomplishing more than you think. Continue reading The Importance of Small Wins

Remember to Say “Thank You”

This Thanksgiving, my son swallowed a penny… And that is how, over the course of just a few hours, more than 10 people improved a difficult situation by being willing to show up and show compassion, even if they didn’t get the day off. The question I want to pose to you today is: who are the 10+ people making a difference in your story? And have you thanked them? Continue reading Remember to Say “Thank You”